Saturday, November 8, 2008

Recent elections.

I'm sure none of you need me to post about the big election seeing as news of it is everywhere. But Obama's win (even though it an amazing part of history) has overshadowed the local elections. For example, no one that I've talked to recently new that Wiles beat Slotz out for Sheriff by 40 points, nor did they know that Margo lost to Moody, nor did they even know which Moody they were voting for Bill or Joe.

Just so you're not confuzed, Bill or William Moody is the judge for the 34th district court and he has been there since 1988 (don't quote me on that year, someone please comment with the right year).Bill also ran for Texas Supreme Court several years ago but I think he lost. Joe Moody recently won the highly contested race for Texas State Representative to replace the seat occupied by Pat Hagerty. The republican candidiate Donald or Dee Margo recently nudged out Haggerty in the primaries (read earlier post) only to loose the race to Moody. Joe is a vitrual unknown in politics because he is relativly young lawyer for the DA. Still, he was able to oust Margo by about 7 points who is a much more seasoned politician and business man who also about twice Moody's age. He's also been in the news more after running against Eliot Shapleigh in a previous election (read earlier post) and after he's come under fire for some of his associations. I think this might be the end of Margo's Texas career after having lost a senate and now a house race. But you never know.