Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Rant

The weather is changing here in El Paso. Its getting colder and the trees are starting to show their skeletons. What does this mean? It means that its time for three annual events.
The first is Spooktackular held at the Civic Center. It is always a family fun filled fair with volunteers from everywhere, including UTEP. Take the kids and go in a costume.
The second is KLAQ's Haunted House only this time it is an evil Circus theme. I remember going when I was a lot younger (8 to be exact) and being scared of the strobe lights and the people who grab you in the dark. I don't suffer from coulrophobia and I'm no longer afraid of the dark so it really doesn't interest me as much but for little children they'll have a blast.
And finally, the most fun event is not in El Paso. Its actually closer to Gadsden in La Union, New Mexico, the Corn Maze/Maize. They've raised admission since the last time I went but they are only open for a brief window during this season. Probably the best time to go is Halloween weekend where everybody dresses up and the Maze is dark. Its great fun, especially without a map or compass. Just get lost and the maze patrol can guide you out.
Remember to be safe when you go to these venues and just have fun. If I don't post again before next week, Happy Halloween!

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