Monday, September 29, 2008


It's been some time since I posted on the local elections. So far, the biggest race is between Moody and Margo. If you're an avid reader of my blog then you no doubt know of my disdain of the Margo campain and when I began to dislike him. For non-avid readers I began to dislike Dee after he ran agains Eliot Shapleigh for Senate. Now that he realized that he can't win in the Senate, he shot for the other Texas house. In my opinion this a power hungry move by Margo who is running illegally because he doesn't live in the area for which he's running although he found a somewhat legal loophole.

And the other big race that is going on you of course do not need to read my blog to know about. Personally I'm rooting for Obama because I was rooting for Hilary until she dropped out and I feel that Obama will do less damage in office than McCain would. If you disagree, comment; I won't delete any of them.


Cristina Ramírez said...

I'm with you on the Margo/Moody race. I went to their debate here at UTEP a couple of weeks ago! I like Moody, but I wish he were more...well, how do you say it, con mas carácter! And Obama has my vote. McCain would have been smelling like roses had he not been stupid and chosen Romney! But noooooo, he had do go and play political games and chose Palin!

Oscar Veliz said...

Well, you just had to figure that McCain would play that card. And I really don't think that someone from Alaska would be best suited to serve my self interest.

As for Moody/Margo... Joseph is much younger than Donald and less experienced in debates and campaigning. He has less money than Margo does, but he also has less of a history. Especially less skeletons because Margo of course ran for senator but I also mentioned in an earlier post that Margo was tied into the whole Craddick fiasco and now his connection with Karl Rove has come to light.