Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally, a new post.

I've seen what life can be without the internet and it is terrifying.

The week after my last post in July was when it happened. I was checking my UTEP email when all of a sudden, my internet started acting up. For a while I'd have a connection but then I'd loose it and then it would come back. I was sure that nothing was wrong with my computer as I take great care of it and always keep it updated. Puzzled, I walked over to my router which recieves my DSL and connects me to the web. The light that shows my DSL looked like a broken metronome. It would be solid green (which means good) and then go to flashing red (which means bad) in no clear or logical pattern.

I asumed that at&t was just fooling around with my connection so I decided to wait for them to finish what they were doing. After an hour, the crazy light began to constantly blink on and off. This time I called their tech support, letting them know that they skrewed up my DSL. They said they'd look into it and give me a call.

Two days passed, then a week passed, and still no internet. I occupied my time doing homework and studying for finals. I called again telling them I hadn't been contacted and my DSL was still out. They told me the same story that they were looking into it and that I'd be contacted.

Another week passed and still nothing. Finals had ended and I spent my time catching up on my reading list and going to work. It was then that I noticed something strange (other than my missing internet). I wasn't getting calls from tellemarketers. Sure my phone would ring but I usually leave my machine to answer it because everyone that I want to talk to has my cell phone. What was strange was that my answering machine didn't have any messages since the time my internet went out.

An idea hit me. I used my home phone to call my cell phone and the number that appeared on my cell was not my home phone number. Eureaka! I shouted, and immediately called tech support.

"Sir, this is a dial tone issue and not one that tech support can assist you with. Is it alright if I transfer you to them?"

"Yes," I replied.

"at&t phone service, this is [.....] how may I help you?"

"I called my cell phone with my home phone and the number that appeared on my caller id was not my home phone number."

"Who is you cell phone provider?"

"T-mobile. But why does that matter?"

"If you want your calls from your home phone forwarded to your cell phone, you'll have to talk to them to set that up."

"That wasn't what I said. I'm trying to inform you that my home phone is a different number than my home phone."

"Do you have wiring insurance?"

"What is that?"

"If you don't have it sir and you tampered with the phone connection, you'll be charged for repairs."

"Are you accusing me of something?"

"It is just the law sir."

"No, I don't have that insurance."

"Alright sir. We'll send a technician over to your residence between 8 and 6."

"Are you crazy? I'm supposed to sit here and wait for ten hours!"

"Very well sir, how about between 2 and 6?"

"So be it. I'll be here."

"Ok sir, and thank you for chosing at&t."

I was about ready to rip his head off but that is kinda hard to do over the phone so just hung up really hard instead.

The technician came over at around 3, saw the problem and told me he'd be back and forth between my house and his network and took off leaving a strange mechanism attached to my phone jack. He came back an hour later, removed the device, and plugged my phone back in. My internet was back. He said the problem was that my line was connected to somebody else's at the network. Some technician had probably messed it up. I thought to myself "well duh" but didn't say it out loud.

That is my internet story and I hope you liked it even though it was a head ache for me.