Saturday, July 12, 2008

It has been a while. A LONG while.

A lot has been going in my life right now and I haven't really had the time to post. I started summer 1 taking a history class, an electrical engineering class and the required lab. History was 2 hours and 10 minutes everyday, Monday through Friday with homework everyday. Even though it sucked up all of my time, I enjoyed the class because other than the required material (WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, et.) my professor also taught El Paso History.

This posting is about a book that I think everyone who calls him/herself an El Paso citizen should read. It is called Ringside Seat to a Revolution: An Underground Cultural History of El Paso and Juarez: 1893-1923 written by David Dorado Romo.

This is history that even I did not know, and I've lived here all of my life. For instance, did you know that Teresa Urrea (AKA Santa Teresa) lived in Segundo Barrio and was known as a healer. She saw over 200 people a day at her residence, curing the sick and giving counsel. She even has a school in El Paso named after her. Did you know that El Paso and Juarez played huge roles in starting the Mexican Revolution? Do you know how many times Juarez was captured by Pancho Villa? Did you know that Pancho Villa once worked at ASARCO back when it was a lead smelter? Do you know how important and historical our downtown is, like the Paso del Norte Hotel or El Paso Laundry? Did you know that El Paso once had a Chinatown or that Douglas used to be a segregated school? Did you know that one of El Paso's mayors belonged to the KKK? Did you know that the building where Pancho Villa tried to negotiate for submarines was torn down to make way for a Burger King?

If any of this information was new to you then you have to read this book. Buy it from a bookstore, borrow it from a friend, check it out at a library, however you can get your hands on it. If you have any interest in El Paso's history, you won't be able to put it down.