Friday, June 6, 2008

For Some Reason I Thought I'd Already Posted. Anyways An Election Is Coming Up.

The voting will take place this Saturday so don't forget. These are not very big elections but they matter a lot.

For those living in El Paso, District 3 there's a runoff election between Emma Acosta and Naomi Gonzalez. For those living in Socorro, there's an election for a city council seat. For those living in Ysleta, you can vote for a school board seat.

Anyways, the actual intent of this post is to let you know that Thomason Hospital was on Lock down after one of their patients came in riddled with bullets and gunshot wounds. Authorities have not given out the patient's identity or any information that others can use to track him down. What we do know however is that he is a victim of the recent violence in Juarez transported himself across the border because he felt that he could not be protected in a Juarez hospital. So the Sheriff's department has been called in to provide additional security for the hospital and have set a a perimeter and are examining everyone who is being allowed inside of the hospital.

For those who believed that the violence in Juarez has absolutely no effects across the border, this is a shrewd wakeup call. I'm sure that gangsters in Juarez have contacts in El Paso because if they didn't then transporters would be lost and confused about where to take shipments once inside the city.